A thirty year old from New York City who loves a lot of things. This is where I’ll collect, share, and talk about many of them. Topics will be varied, but can usually be narrowed down to: music, travel, history, baseball, fandom, chronic illness, or crafts. My life is ridiculous, and I think #historyisimportant. You can view my resume here. Or check out some of my writing here, or projects here.

I graduated with my Master’s degree from The Graduate Center, CUNY in February 2020. You can read my Master’s thesis, “‘Something Happened on the Day He Died’: How David Bowie Fans Transformed Brixton,” at CUNY Academic Works.

In January 2020, some of my Master’s research was published in The Journal of Popular Culture, Volume 52, Issue 6. You can view that article by clicking here.


I am also completely obsessed with my puppy, David Mitchell. You can follow him on Instagram.

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