Things I’ve noticed after seeing Baby Driver six times

*if you haven’t seen this yet what is wrong with you, why do you hate perfect films?


  • When the title appears during the opening credits, there’s a double yellow line like you’d find on the road
  • As Baby enters Octane Coffee Shop, the graffiti behind him on the wall has a black heart. When we see it again, when Deborah walks by underneath it, the heart is now red.
    • Also once Baby goes out on the street, she’s no where to be seen.
  • Another time the graffiti changes during the “Harlem Shuffle” scene: in the beginning it just said “right” by a bench, it later has “shake shake shake” added to it.
  • Griff sums up the plot of the film in the opening 15 minutes: “you can’t be in crime without being a little criminal.”
  • Baby repeats almost everything he hears – from other people, and the TV
  • The first time we see Baby and Joe’s apartment, we hear music from a piano. Behind Baby when we first see him is a picture of a hand on piano keys.
  • The magnets on Baby’s range hood (?) are of a pizza slice and a red car – foreshadowing his stint as a delivery boy?
  • The first time they’re flipping through the TV, we see a bull fighter. The bull who is “bloody and unrelenting, but keeps coming back” (paraphrasing) – this is alluding to Buddy at the end of the film. The narrator also says the fight began on horseback, but now must end on foot – this alludes to the final standoff between Buddy and Baby (and Deborah)
  • The second time they’re flipping channels on the TV, for a moment is the beginning of the “Blue Song” music video, with Noel Fielding asking “is this the place?”
  • Big Boi and Killer Mike of Run the Jewels are with Doc in the restaurant when he picks up Baby’s tab – they’re both on the song made for the film “Chase Me”
  • J.D. could be called J.D. to stand for John Doe – alluding to his death.
  • “The killer dude from Halloween” “Oh you mean Jason” – Jason is Buddy’s real name, and he later is the one who says “killer” tracks – and ends up trying to kill Baby.
  • Paul Williams is the Butcher
  • On the radio after they leave the Butcher is Run The Jewels.
  • While pointing out Darling and Buddy’s drug habit, Bats orders Coca Cola’s for the table (”4 cokes”)
  • Both times Baby is looking at a menu at Bo’s, he’s looking at the kids menu.
  • Joe Loya is the security guard Bats shoots outside the post office. He is an ex-con Wright interviewed, and was a technical consultant for the film.
  • The car Baby and Deborah steal belongs to the ATL Twins
  • In the ATL Twins’ car, the song “Know How” by Young MC is playing. This song references “Hocus Pocus” by Focus, which played in an earlier scene in the film.
  • When Baby comes back to his apartment to find Joseph, after Buddy and Bats ransack the place – you can see the vinyl for songs belonging on the Baby Driver soundtrack, including Blur, Queen, and Incredible Bongo Band.
  • When Baby and Deborah are on the run and call Doc from a payphone, it looks like there are tentacles painted on the sides of it. If you look again, these could look like winding roads.
  • “When he sees red you’ll see nothing but black” – is portrayed amazingly with the lighting in Buddy and Baby’s final standoffs, with red light constantly on Buddy and blueish/black constantly on Baby.
  • Walter Hill is the voice of the courtroom interpreter for Joseph
  • Baby’s inmate number is the release date of The Driver in DD/MM/YYYY format
  • Jon Spencer is the prison guard who hands Baby his letter from Deborah
  • Of the postcards Deborah sends Baby, the one he hangs up is the same image that was on the back wall of Bo’s Diner.
  • There’s a rainbow in the background when Baby gets out of prison. So cheesy and perfect.


  • Doc twice mentions a friend with a nasal problem – is referencing Flea’s character Eddie No-Nose?
  • Darling’s name is Monica Costello, Bats’ is Leon Jefferson III, Buddy’s is Jason Van Horne (spelling?) – I’m wondering if these names are references to other musicians / music groups?
  • A weird thing to me: it seems like Doc sprang on everyone during the final heist that they’d be spending the night together – yet Buddy, Darling, and Bats all have pajama type clothes (different clothes than they wore during the “Tequila” scene at least), and they have different outfits for the heist itself (suits in their color family). Darling has different shoes for each outfit. How did Baby end up the only one without PJs though?
  • Is there meaning behind the sunglasses losing the same lens?
  • “Hollaback Girl” is listed in the song credits even though a line is only quoted by Darling
  • What are the songs playing in the stores in the mall that end up remixing “Hocus Pocus”? It’s one of my favorite parts of that scene.
  • Tattoos seem to inform characters and aid to their identities. Every one Baby drives around in heists has them.
    • Buddy has “hers” on his neck while Darling has “his” on hers.
    • Darling also has a full sleeve, with some kind of floral design. She also has what looks like a heart locket and a cross on one of her wrists.
    • Bats has bats on his neck. He also has a gun on his hand, perhaps because he’s trigger happy?
    • Griff has a neck tattoo I still can’t fully make out. Maybe some sort of old timey knight? One hand of his knuckle tattoos says “sand”. He also has the tear drop on his face.
    • Eddie No-Nose has a lot around spiders and spiderwebs.
    • J.D. has tons of tattoos, that were hard to pin down beyond the HATE turned HAT. He also had a spider.
  • I just like that there’s a close up of Baby and Deborah putting their seatbelt on during the big scenes with Buddy.
  • Baby Driver is a classic Edgar Wright film with close ups of seemingly mundane tasks / things (coffee lids, elevator buttons, money / stamp exchanges) and matching scene transitions. Also great use of reflections in windows and sunglasses.
  • Almost every character seems to stick to the same color family throughout the film. Wright has used color in the past for hidden meanings / clues (like in The Worlds End) so I’m wondering if that’s happening here, too?
    • Buddy was mostly wearing shades of blue.
    • Darling was in shades of lavender/purple.
    • Bats is primarily in red and black.
    • J.D. wore yellow and black.
    • Eddie No-Nose was in a greenish sort of top.
    • Doc wore very muted colors with his suits, lots of black, gray, navy, maroon it looked like.
    • Deborah and Baby are almost always in black, white, or gray.
      • Deborah wears yellow when we first see her, and when she goes on her date with Baby. She later wears maroon in the courtroom, and a light blue dress when she picks up Baby from prison.
  • Everything about Baby and Deborah is old school. From meeting at a retro themed diner, their outfits in black and white, and hanging out in a laundromat with bright primary colors around them and space themed wall decor. They communicate with wall phones – with cords, they listen to older music, and the first few times we see Baby drive up to the diner to see her he’s in an older, more classic looking car from the 60s or 70s. The postcards she sends him in prison are vintage. Even Baby’s fantasy of him and Deborah is in black and white, with them dressed like they’re from the 1950s. This gives the feeling of a classic love story between them.
    • Wright has said that Baby sticks to analog things to stay off the grid. The most modern thing they seem to have in the apartment are his collection of iPods.
    • Baby says he has different iPods for different days of the week / moods. Wright said in a Q&A at BAM that he got them from stealing cars, they were what people had left behind in the cars. That’s why his music library / tastes are so varied – he’s been listening to other peoples’ record collection.
  • At the end of the credits, a big message comes on the screen that says BE MOVED. This is a Sony tagline, but it just makes me think of the scene when Baby finally moves after Darling, Bats, and Buddy were yelling at him – by finally moving, he finally makes a choice for himself. He becomes active instead of passive.
  • Seeing this in 4DX (my fifth time) was a god damn delight. Just FYI.

Screen Shot 2017-07-15 at 3.04.18 AM

Did I miss something? If so, please tell me! Lets grow the crazy long list haha. Be sure to read my original post about Baby Driver!

PS: If you like the Cornetto Trilogy, check out the drinking game I made in 2014. Edgar said he would “NOT recommend it to anyone” because it’s so intense!

One thought on “Things I’ve noticed after seeing Baby Driver six times

  1. I noticed tonight on my fourth time watching that while Baby is in prison, “The World of Outlaws” is playing. While it seems fitting in its racing premise, it could also be a reference to Baby leaving the life of crime as his back is to the screen, so he has literally turned his back on the world of outlaws.


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