I threw my dog a birthday party

In late August 2016, we adopted a 2.5 month old puppy from North Shore Animal League. We named him David Mitchell, after the English comedian, and love him very much. He even has his own instagram where we document his cuteness daily. So when he turned one in June, I decided he needed a birthday party.

Screen Shot 2017-07-07 at 1.01.39 AM

It was loosely black and white themed, to match his spots – of course. We got mylar balloons to spell out “W-O-O-F”, and black and white polka-dot balloons from Party City. All the decorations were black and white – including the streamers, star garland, and signs. Snacks were available in black and white dog food bowls. I found an adorable cupcake display stand in the shape of a fire hydrantΒ and paired it with doggie safe pumpkin pupcakes, complete with paw print patterned liners, and little biscuits on top.

We invited a bunch of friends over, made a lot of food, and had a lot of drinks. We played all over with the guest of honor – my Davey – who even had his own SnapChat filter for the occasion. There were also a few other pups who stopped by – King, Juggy, and Raleigh – though Dave was a little shy around them all. Bubbles were readily available, as puppies love bubbles. We also had David Mitchell zines to occupy our time that I put together. They were a ten page activity book!


punk pup

It was an exhausting but immensely fun day. I’ve never seen Davey so tired afterwards, but I could definitely relate. I think he had fun, and I think my friends did as well. I know I did for sure. It was an adorable time. I love my dog.

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