I collect records. I am obsessed with them.

Screen Shot 2017-04-22 at 9.46.38 PM

I never thought I would be a vinyl person. Growing up, they were things we had in the house that we never used. Our record player cabinet was a shelf for other things, and I’m pretty sure the player inside it was broken anyway. As an adult I didn’t really have particular interest in vinyl, or owning a working player. That is until Frank fucking Turner released some records.

So, it’s 2010 and I’m at a merch table in Boston after a show. There’s vinyl for sale. “Fuck it,” I think, and proceed to buy my first album. It’s Love, Ire, and Song and I have the whole band sign it. Two nights later I see the same tour in NYC. “Might as well,” I think, and buy my second album, Poetry of the Deed. Now I have two lovely, signed records – and nothing to play them with.

Fast-forward to christmas that year, where the solution came in the form of a Crosley portable record player. This encouraged the collecting habit to flourish. I began stalking eBay and discogs for past releases I missed out on, and band websites for new releases. It wasn’t long until my brother caught the vinyl bug, too, and he began building his own collection up. We combine the booty when we count them, but there’s still some discrepancies. On my deadformat account, we have just under 200 records listed (though this does need to be updated!!). On his discogs account, we have over 350. I think his number is more accurate. The bulk of *my* records are 7″ singles, which are typically rarer.

Collecting is such a weird ritual in fandom, but it’s one that crosses every fandom – sports, music, film, tv, designers, celebrities, brands… there’s so many avenues and ways to collect. You find something you like, and whenever you’re around it your id just screams inside you “I NEED IT I WANT IT I WON’T BE HAPPY OR COMPLETE UNLESS WE HAVE THE THING OH GOD PLEASE PUT US OUT OF OUR MISERY AND GET IT.” So you get it. And now you id has calmed down and you’re content… until you come across the next thing.

I think it may be fun to write about of some of the vinyl that lurks within the Gritsch collection. Y’all can look forward to that.


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